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An integrated person with rich management experience and extensive R&D skills. More than 6 years department and project management experience in first class high technology companies. Strong experience in team building, processes establishment and improvement, particularly for communication and software products. Skilled in customer oriented communication and coordination. More than 10 years SW/HW R&D experiences in wireless communication, IP network and software development industry, from system level design to partial function implementation.
Special skills in:
Strong experience in team building, project management and coordination.
Software development lifecycle and process management.
Project planning, budget control and manage deliverables on schedule.
Business development and customer oriented communication.
Solid knowledge of wireless communication technologies such as GSM, TDMA, CDMA and 3G systems such as WCDMA and UMTS.
Expert of wire/wireless voice/data communication system design, protocol analysis and implementation, such as GSM Phase2+, GPRS, SS7, INAP, ISUP and so on.
Strongly experienced in C/C++, VB, Java, Tcl/Tk, OO programming.
Strongly experienced in hardware system design and embedded system design.
Network programming and routing protocols" implementation such as BGP4, OPSF, MPLS, VPN and so on.
Fluently speak: Chinese, English and Japanese.
2001.02 - 2001.09: Famous Technologies Canada Inc., Vancouver, Canada Principal Engineer
1999.11 - 2001.02: Famous Technologies China Software Design Center (Agilent CSDC)Beijing, P.R China
Department Manager
1997.10 - 1999.11: Hewlett Packard-SciTech Joint Software Design Center
Beijing, P.R China
Project Manager
1995.08 - 1997.10: Golden Cellular Communication Co., Ltd. (GCC)
Beijing, P.R. China
Director of R&D department
1989.01 - 1995.08: University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Lecturer and Researcher
1. Management
Created and expanded a department from two engineers working for one customer to more than 30 engineers working with three customers within 1.5 years. The company"s revenue then increased 300%.
Successfully managed more than 8 projects and cooperated with three customers in three years. All the projects were released on schedule, with high quality that made company"s business grow quickly.
Created and improved the software development processes to match the requirements of ISO 9001 or CMM system.
Working for a new communication company, created an R&D department starting with 3 engineers and extending to 24 engineers within 1.5 years. Managed the development of three new products, one of them was delivered to the market in 1.5 years.
2. Research and Development
Key developer in QuickTest project which provides quick solutions for router manufacturers by using Router Tester to test routing protocols and features such as BGP, OSPF, MPLS, VLAN, VPN and so on.
Successfully managed a team to develop the GSM Phase2+, GPRS and UMTS protocol sets for Signaling Advisor and another team to develop SS7 protocol sets for Agilent acceSS7 system.Managed, participated and delivered the following projects to customer successfully with high quality and on schedule, such as CDMA system (IS-95A, IS-95B and cdma2000 systems) modeling projects for HP EEsof ADS (Advanced Design System) tool. System design and control software development for CDMA WLL (wireless local loop) system.Key designer and developer of a Packet Radio Network and the Spectrum Spread Data Link Bridge for a Wireless LAN.
1986.9 - 1989.1: Master of Electronic Engineering
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China
1980.9 - 1984.8: Bachelor of Electronic Engineering
Shanghai Railway College, Department of Electronic and Communication Engineering, Shanghai, China
Behavior Interview, May 1998, Hewlett Packard Academy
Project Start-up, June 1998, Hewlett Packard Academy
Project Management Fundamentals, May 1999, Hewlett Packard AcademyAdvanced Planning and Risk Management, April 1999, Hewlett Packard Academy
1. IEEE senior member, member of Communication Society, Computer Society and Signal Processing Society.
2. Member of China Electronic Association.
3. The First Award of Management Contribution of Agilent China Software Design Center.
4. 1992, Second Award of Science and Technology Progress in MEI of China.
Reference Available Upon Request.


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